"You can help giving back a smile to a child in need and sadness"

Regine Sixt

Regine Sixt Children's Aid Association
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Deutsche Bank Munich
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Key word: "Drying little tears"

Regine Sixt Children's Aid Association - Help for children in need

The seriously ill children of our world lack medical as well as emotional care. Therefore Regine Sixt Children´s Aid Association has made it its business to give these children a better life. Help us to realise this dream!

Every single donation supports the aid project without deductions!

Help to the victims of the earthquake in China

With her initiative, “Drying little tears”, Regine Sixt was not hesitating for a moment about providing immediate assistance for the victims of the most recent earthquake in China. Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation procured aid and materials immediately via the Sixt representative office in China in order to provide the victims and in particular, the children with the essentials for life as quickly as possible.

Children´s Home in Bulgaria

As children are mainly affected by the growing poverty in Bulgaria, the Regine Sixt Children's Association is supporting a Children´s Home in Bulgaria.
Currently there are over 8,000 children living in institutions throughout the country. Only 2 per cent of children placed in institutions are orphans.

Sixt rent a car Team 10 Kilometre Run

On Sunday 31st May eight of the Sixt UK Head Office Team became “Golden Gaters” in the second annual Chatsworth Golden Gate 10 Km run. The Sixt Team acquitted themselves well as temperatures soared into the 80’s on the hottest day of the year so far.
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A very normal day in the slums of Dhaka

The Sixt-employee Dagmar Teufel was showing commitment and supported – during her yearly vacation, the work of the Doctors for Developing Countries in Dhaka/Bangladesh. Now she is sharing her experiences with us. Because nothing should be taken for granted…
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Maria Furtwängler during the official hand-over of a Jeep-ambulance from the project „Drying little Tears” provided by the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Association in Calcutta. The vehicle, which is in operation for the women’s and girls’ tuberculosis hospital, now enables the German doctors of the organisation “Doctors for Developing Countries” to transport either one patient in a reclining position or up to nine sitting patients.
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As founder of the project, 'Catholic AIDS Action', the Benedictine nun is fighting the dreadful Aids epidemic in Namibia and Tanzania. The children of Africa are particularly dear to Sister Raphaela's heart.
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Regine Sixt Draws Winning Name for Mercedes GLK

Major Fundraising Campaign in Connection with the Anniversary of BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder” draws in € 50,000.
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